Fun Birthday Party Themes

Have a birthday party you are planning and looking for some fun theme ideas? Here are some fun ones! How about an Emoji party with an Emoji party you can either DIY your own party supplies like invitations, balloons and favor bags. An Emoji party is great for boys and girls. There are a ton of cute party supplies you can find on Pinterest and online. Another party theme that would be great for kids would be a Disney themed party. For this one you can choose any Disney theme: Mickey or Minnie mouse, Moana, Little Mermaid and so many others. Again you can make your buy your party supplies for any of these themes. Some other themes that would be fun would be bowling, mini golf, pirate, princess, glow in the dark and neon. I hope that these themes will help you in planning the best birthday for your child this year.

Emoji DIY Crafts To Do

If you love Emoji’s then you should check out these 5 DIY Emoji school supply ideas from KimspiredDIY she will show you how to make so many fun and amazing Emoji crafts. Learn how to make a mini backpack, notebook, eraser, keychain and clipboard. Have fun with these Emoji projects

DIY Crafts That You Can Actually Do

Do you find DIYs and think I want to do that……but can’t figure out how or the instructions are to hard to follow? Youtube is a great option for finding some great DIYs that you can follow along with.  KimspiredDIY has a fun DIY channel on Youtube with lots of family friendly content and videos with crafts that you can actually do.  They are easy and unique.  Her crafts are great for kids, teens and adults.  If you are looking for room decor, Emoji DIYs, school supplies, lip balms, phone cases & more then you will want to check out her channel.  Her lip balms videos are especially fun and creative and her Emoji videos are always fun to watch.

In this video she shows you how to make a Nail Polish Bottle Phone Charger!


Fun Paper Crafts For Kids

Here are some fun and cool paper craft ideas for kids.  Paper crafts are so fun and inexpensive.

Shark Cootie Catcher

Origami Lucky Stars

3D Paper Ladybugs

Newspaper Butterfly

These are just a few cool and fun paper crafts for kids.  I will add to this list over time when I find other fun paper crafts.  With just a few supplies you and your kids can have a fun arts and craft hour.