About Paper Wings

Welcome to Paper Wings! We are a small group of cosplayers, devoted to the accurate re-creation of costumes from all sorts of pop culture sources.

We don't take ourselves seriously, and hope that you don't either! "Paper Wings" sounds rather pretentious, doesn't it? Well, the name was chosen after our first convention together, when we threw together a truly Ghetto "Kotori" costume (from Clamp's X) using a slip and wings made out of toilet paper. That's the origin! We still love making ghetto cosplay out of stuff we find in our hotel room (and encourage others to do the same in our frequent rounds of "Iron Cosplay" at conventions), but we take great pride in our more typical cosplay creations.

Hopefully, with this site, we can offer ideas and help to other potential cosplayers out there, as well as getting a chance to showcase our work on the internet. Armed with Babbit, Shiro-chan, and Shinbashi (our trusty sewing machines), and their new friend Hanabi-chan (Ringo's Babylock serger), we have a lot more planned for the future, so please visit again soon!

For the latest site updates and to drop us a note, please check out our Livejournal!
We can also be reached by email at
cosplay (AT) paper-wings (DOT) org
(Please remove the spaces as per the standard spam-fighting drill!)

Our (Always Tentative) Convention Schedule:
Anime Expo
Nan Desu Kan

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