Ringo: For once the shonen cosplay can be blamed on me! HA! I found the perfect Hakama fabric at a Denver Cosplay Society swap meet. The hardest part was finding the right character, which wasn't hard sice Bleach has great characters. If you haven't seen the show (or read the manga) please do. ^_^

Makoto: #1: Hayami Sho. #2: Bleach is cool. #3: Hayami Sho. #4: Shinigami uniforms are cool. #5: HAYAMI SHO. XD

Nick: You guys had this character picked for me all along didn't you?

Integral: I love my fingernail! 

Group Photos

Most photos were taken at the AX 2005 Bleach Gathering, if you would like to be creditied in a photo or would like your photo removed please email Ringo. More Bleach Gathering photos can be found in Ringo's Anime Expo Gallery on

Individual Photos

Hinamori Momo
Matsumoto Rangiku
 Kurotsuchi Mayuri
Hitsugaya Toushirou


Photo credits - Nick, Ringo, Makoto, Eurobeat King © 2005