Lia and D'eon de Buemont (Le Chevalier D'Eon)
リア & デオン ド・ボーモン (シュヴァリエ)

Ringo: I was excited to see this show from the previews and artwork that had been floating around the internet before it's release. After I saw the first episode I was hooked, it was like Law and Order, X-Files, and Davincini Code had gotten together and had a "baby" in pre-revolutionary war France. It took about 30 seconds into to the show before I knew I wanted to make this dress. lol
Makoto and I were fortunate enough to wear these costumes in Japan for Tonari de Cosplay 2007 @ the winter Comiket. People were a little surprised to see the gaijin in period clothing walking around, a few cameko asked if we were from Rose of Versailes. ^_~ While we were there around I spoted another Lia/D'Eon, she was very sweet to take a picture with us. ^_^ Yay for Cosplay in Japan.
Unlike some of my other "historical" Anime costumes I've done I didn't use a period pattern. I did make some period undergarments, which I love because I look they look like Wedgewood China.


Group Photos

D'eon de Buemont

Lia de Buemont

Photos were taken by Inara of Digital Dreams and Fannelu-san of L-Net (Layer's Net)

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