Gundam Seed Destiny

Makoto: Hmm, what sort of lame excuses can I come up with for another Seed costume...? Let's see. Okay, how about "This time I wanted to be a coordinator!" or "I like her tiny USO-girl hat" or "Ringo-chan will be such a great Lunamaria and I can't wait to be her little sister" orrrrr "We're only making these to meet Sakamoto Maaya in" orrrrrrrrrr "It's my goal that we make one of EVERY KIND of uniform on this show!"

Ringo:  I can't deny my love for Gundam Seed and it's awesome female characters. If your going to be an elite pilot you better have your thigh highs and pink skirt! I know I would. =D I was excited to see some great ZAFT uniforms in Destiny for girls because me as Athrun would be um.... XD
We wore these costumes to the Sakamoto Maaya panel at AX 05 (ahhh, this is my nerdiest moment ever), she seemed to enjoy it. =D I nearly crawled under my chair when she pointed to me in the Audience. Iyaaaaa! I'm honored Maaya-chan but OMG so embarrassed. *^_^*

Athrun: I was debating between Athrun and Shin, but I decided on Athrun.
(For Nick's sake we are glad he choose Athrun, because Shin has decided to not play nice with others. =P)

Group Photos

Individual Photos

Athrun Zala
Meyrin Hawke
Lunamaria Hawke

Photo credits - Ringo, Makoto, Nick, and Eurobeat King  © 2005