Ludwig II

Makoto:  Ushicon 2005, Higuri You-sensei was scheduled as a guest of honor.  I have been a huge fan of Higuri-sensei for years, and one of my favorite works has always been Ludwig.  Period costuming seemed like a fascinating new avenue for Paper Wings, so Ringo-chan and I started on the sisters Elizabeth and Sophie.  Nick even agreed to be our brother Karl, so the whole family was represented!  I love group cosplay.  With some help from Truly Victorian, a wonderful online resource, we started on corsets and natural-form garments to recreate the look of the manga.  The sad addendum is that Higuri-sensei couldn't attend Ushi05, but I hold out hope that someday she'll get to see what we created.  :)

Ringo: This was our first foray into historical costuming, of course it was inspired by the manga. ^_^ It was quite the adventure too. I've never had to make full undergarments just to get the appropriate look for a costume. I absolutly loved it! It was also a new experiance to navigate a con in full period garb, wait I can't bend over! Thankfully our wonder Karl was a lovely gentlemen to his onee-sans. 

Nick: "Why haven't these people ever heard of an ascot!"

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Celine: "It's all about the butt!"

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Photo credits - Eurobeat King, Celine, Ruthless JS, Ringo, Nick  © 2005