Misha and Koboshi (Pitaten)
美紗(みしゃ) & 植松 小星(うえまつ こぼし) (ぴたテン)


Makoto:  Finally, I can blame a costume on Ringo!  HER fault for once!  XD  She made her fantastically cute Sasha costume in less than two weeks before Ushicon 2003, and I thought she needed a Pita-Friend for A-kon that year.  We all love Koge-Donbo, and I love seifuku, so it was a happy convergence.

Ringo: I have always wanted to make a Misha costume, I just needed the proper motivation to do it. It just so happened that Koge Donbo was going to be a guest at AX06. Well that was enoungh to get me super super motivated to create this flashback dress that I had been eyeing for quite some time. =D  It was a bit of a rush to complete, meaning I made it the day before we left for AX, but I'm very pleased with how it came out. I did have a bit of hand sewind to do on the waist cincher while we were waiting in line for CLAMP, but I can't imagine a better way to pass the time. I would like to eventually to make a larger petticoat and figure out the cage of thorns for a photoshoot, but I'm in no rush.
I wore this costume to get Koge-sensei's autograph, she said with really big eyes "Ooki desu!" lol
Yes, Koge-sensei I'm probably much larger than any Misha cosplay out there. lol

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Photo credits - Ringo, Makoto, and Nick © 2006