Shiina from Tales of Symphonia

Integral: I decided to scrap my Queen Nehelenia costume. it was somthing I'd sat on for years and years and never moved on. I really love Nehelenia's character design, and I may move on to do it some day, but it's not what is in store for me now. The purple fabric I bought for the cape is absolutely perfect for this Shiina costume. It's a poly cotton blend, so it's pretty easy to work with, but it has a spectacular sheen to it due to tiny silvery fibers running throughout it. I've been playing a lot of Tales of Symphonia lately, and it's easily one of the best RPGs I've played in a long time. Shiina is a summoner from a Japanese-styled village, and looks a lot like a ninja :D


Photo credits - Nick, Integral  © 2005