Step One: Make your kimono! A nice stiff fabric will give the best shape. Your obi should be at least 12 feet long, depending a bit upon your waist and how much you're willing to "cinch" it.
Step Two: Put on the kimono. Be sure to fold it left over right; when folded right-over-left, this indicates that the person is deceased and is being prepared for cremation. >_< If you need to, tie a thin strap around your waist to keep it straight.
Step Three: Carefully wrap the obi around your waist, keeping it straight and flat. Wrap it twice, meeting in the back on the second time.
Step Four: Adjust the obi tails so that one is very long and the other is short.
Step Five: Tie the ends together once, at the top of the band.
Step Six: Fold the long tail in half by length.
Step Seven: Cinch the center of the folded long tail. This will be the body of the bow.
Step Eight: Take the short tail; fold it in half by width. Wrap it around the cinch of the bow body.
Step Nine: Tuck away the end of the short tail.
Step Ten: Straighten the bow. Your obi is tied! Now do the Obi Dance to celebrate! :)

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