So you want to make some feathered wings.
Feather wings are uber cool and can add that extra touch to your costume. But lets face it they are gorgeous and they can be super expensive! So how about making your own.   That's where this tutorial might be able to help you out. There are several methods out there, this is just the way we made ours. ^_^

The wings for this tutorial are based off of wings drawn by Arina Tanemura in her work Fullmoon wo Sagashite. Here are some example of what we worked from. 

Well now you might want to see what the finished product looks like. In the measurements for each wing are roughly 17 in. long and 10 in. high. The total wingspan for the Izumi Rio wings (bottom picture) measures roughly 40 in.


Here's is what you'll need

Here's the guts of the wings:
Chicken wire
Copper tubing - 1/4 in
Fabrictac - Large Bottle (trust me you'll use it all)
Duct tape
Craft batting (not stuffing)
Work Gloves
Wire cutters
Large and small pliers 
Trim/Ribbon/Bias Tape (not shown) to cover your harness

Now for the feathers:
Wing Rounds -1/4 pound Left, 1/4 pound Right
1/3 pound Flats 
1 Marabou Trim
The rounds and flat were purchased from Rainbow Feather Co. who we would highly recommend. They will also custom dye your feathers. 

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