Shaping your Feathers & Basic Construction of the guts
So now that you have all of your materials there are a few steps before the actual construction phase

Step 1 - Shape your feathers!
- As you can tell when you first get your feathers they aren't as pretty as you would imagine them to be. There is a simple solution to this problem by shaping your Rounds (don't worry about the flats). Which just means that your going to cut them into your desired shape. Here's an example:

Much better! Tanemura-sensei would be proud. ^_^ 

Step 2 - Constructing the flying -v- base
- Take your copper tubing and duct tape to construct a flying -v- shape. Like this:

- So, you are making a giant U shape, then bend down each side making sure that you make at least 2 inches shorter than you would like your wing to be. Then in the middle where you have bent for each wing cut a short piece and attach with duct tape. This will act as an another support and as a place to attach straps for wear. 
- If  you would like your wings to come out at an angle (instead of straight out like ours) this would be the best point to do so. Since they are made of copper tubing you can change the angle when they are finished, but it's best to do it now so your feathers will lay appropriately later. 

Step 3 - Adding the Chicken Wire
- The chicken wire is where the feathers will be attached to. The shape of this part of the base isn't really important. You just need to make sure that you make it shorter than you want your wings to be. Like this here:

- As you can see it's just a simple rectangle attached with duct tape. Make sure to cover all the edges of the the chicken wire or you could scratch your self pretty bad. Blood is no good on your white feathers. XD

Step 4 - Cover the harness
- It does seem a bit early to cover the tubing that is exposed, but it's much harder to get it completely covered when the feathers are attached.  We used bias tape to cover the tubing because I had it laying around. But there are many other things you could use, ribbon, trim, fabric, just use your imagination. But make sure to attach it with Fabrictac. 

- As you can see in this picture the chicken wire is cut in a different shape, and the harness is covered with bias tape. ^_^

Step 5- Batting!
- Now take your batting and cover both side of the wings. Just use more Fabrictac to attach. 

- One layer of batting should be fine, but you can always add more to help the duct tape underneath less visible when you hold the wings up to light. 

Click here to continue - Let's attach some feathers!


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