Attaching the feathers 
So, now that your feather are shaped and the harness is complete it's time to work with feathers!

Step 1 - Layout your feathers
- Before you start attaching the feathers it a good idea (not necessary, but still a good idea) to lay them out first. That way you can see if you want to change your design or see if you need to shape more. 

-In fact if you have some extra poster board laying around draw out the shape you want and use it as a template. We did this on the second pair of wings and helped a lot, sorry there's no picture. >_< 

Step 2 - Attaching the Rounds
- Now here comes the fun, sometimes sticky and sometimes smelly part. Grab your handy dandy bottle of Fabrictac and glue the feathers to the layer of batting that you attached to the base. 
- One good thing to keep in mind, keep your feathers curved in the same direction and make sure you glue the left feathers on the left wing and the right on the right wing. Otherwise you might be flying in circles. >_<

- The above is a picture of the front side (faces back) of the right wing. 
- After you finish gluing the rounds, trim the top of the feathers, so that you have a nice "smooth" curve. Don't worry about the exposed edge it will get covered later. 
- Glue rounds on both sides of your wings. ^_^

*note* When you get the back side it helps to make a small base to work on so that your feathers don't get crushed when you work on the back side. Something like this might work. 

Yay for Clamp Campus boxed set and Harry Potter Books!

Step 3 - Attaching the Flats
- Now that you have all of your rounds glued, it time to disguise some of  your edges with a little more batting and flats. The batting will help cover any extra ends of the feathers and give your flats more dimension. 
- Take a small rectangle of batting and glue it over the top of your wings focusing on the area towards the top and center. Like so :

- Next step start gluing on your flats, it's a bit harder to tell which side is up and down on these feather but the end product will look better if they do face all the same direction. 

- Here's what it looks like after you finish adding in the flats. Yay for fluffy feathers! 
- Don't forget to cover all for sides. ^_^

Step 4 - Attaching the Marabou
- Look at your fabulous wings! You've come a long way baby but you still have a bit further to go. Yosh! This final step helps to cover the top edge of you wings, and if you like, add the extra little swirl that Manga-ka like to add in their work. 
- So take your marabou trim and glue it along the top exposed edge of your wings. ^_^ 

Here's the finished product:

- Now what's this swirl business? Maybe this picture will help. ^_^ 

Yatta! You did it! Your all finished with your wings. ^_^ 

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